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I Want Watermelon – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

I Want Watermelon is the original fruit merging game for the iOS and Android platforms. The premise of these kind of games is simple; all that you do is merge identical fruit together in order to transform it into a different fruit, and then earn points. Your goal is to finish with the most points that you possibly can, the most watermelons, and to last as long as possible.

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The actual play of the game is simple; all that you have to do is merge by putting two identical pieces of fruit together. The most basic fruit is the smallest, while the highest tier fruit, which is the watermelon, is the largest. The larger the fruit, the more cumbersome it is and the more that you have to work around it, but the more points that you get for merging it.

A suggested way to go about this in order to maximize the amount of space that you have on your board is to drop higher level and lower level fruits on different sides of the board. By doing this, it will stay easy to find merges for the fruit, and it will also make it easier to avoid dropping small fruit into precarious positions where they would get in the way of big fruit merging with each other.

Watermelon is the highest level fruit that you can merge to. If you manage to get two watermelons on the same board, then you can merge them together. This will cause both of the watermelons to pop and disappear, which will earn you a massive amount of points and create a lot of space on the board.

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You can change whatever settings you want to in order to personalize the game your way. You can turn on and off the sounds and the haptics, and within the settings menu, there is also a button that allows you to debug the game in case it glitches.

You can also restart the game whenever you want to, which might be more useful when you have more experience with it, when you don’t want to continue a round that you think it is going to be a losing one. in that case, it can sometimes simply be more beneficial to start over and try to make the next round go how you want it to go.