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Farm Blast – Match Game: Reviews – Is It a Scam or Legit?

Farm Blast – Match Game is a new match three game for the iOS and Android platforms where you can clear out a number of matching fruit and vegetables with just one tap. Your goal is to finish each level in the smallest amount of moves possible by tapping each cluster of vegetables in the right order.

One of the things that makes this game so popular is that the advertisements claim that you can win free money by playing. All that you have to do is play, they say, watch some advertisements, and then cash out when you reach the minimum point. We are going to examine whether this game is a scam or whether it’s legitimate.

Playing this game is very simple, similar to a simplified version of Farm Heroes Saga. All that you have to do is tap one time in order to clear out an entire block of identical crops.

Your goal is to get rid of everything on the screen as quickly as possible, which involves tapping the blocks in the right order. If you tap in the correct order, then it’s possible to clear out each level in about four moves, allowing you to earn three stars for the level.

Even if you use a few extra moves, you typically will still earn enough points to get three stars. It is possible to fail a level, though, by leaving one piece of fruit behind after tapping everything else.

After each level, you get the opportunity to earn coins, as well as collect stars, which you can then use to open a treasure chest once you collect 20. You need to hit the claim button in order to get both the coins and the stars; if you skip it, then you won’t earn any of it.

Inside of each of these treasure chests is an assortment of power ups and boosts, as well as more coins. The power ups and boosts allow you to use special moves to make levels easier or to get unstuck if you get stuck.

The hammer power up allows you to get rid of exactly one piece of fruit. The rotation power up allows you to rotate the entire level. The rainbow potion power up allows you to change an entire block of fruit into a different fruit, allowing you to make much larger combos and increase your score.

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Many of the reviews that get left in the App Store show confusion as to how to cash out and get your money. Even though the advertisements make it look like you can earn money, none of the reviews come from anybody who has actually gotten paid.

On top of that, we have not discovered any actual methods to get paid within the game. The advertisements show something different than what’s actually in the game.

What that means is that the advertisements are a scam. The game itself is simply a fun way to kill time by matching fruit together, without the kind of intrusive advertisements that you might see within other games of a similar genre.

Should you still download the game? If you want to have fun playing a simple matching game, then yes. If you are actually looking to win money in real life, then you might want to steer clear of this one.