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Farm Blast – Match Game: How to Earn Real Life Money for Free

Farm Blast – Match Game is a new one tap matching game for the iOS and Android platforms. It’s a very simple game with over 1000 levels, where all that you have to do is tap a group of fruit in order to clear it out. Your goal is to beat each level with as many points possible so that you can earn as many coins and stars as you can.

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The developers claim in the advertisements that this game allows you to earn money in real life. The ads show players earning hundreds of dollars for doing very little work, but as anybody who has downloaded the game knows, it’s not always that simple.

Read on for a guide to earning real life money in Farm Blast – Match Game!

To play, and to get the highest score possible, finish each level in as few moves as possible. Notice that when you clear fruit or vegetables in the middle, the fruit will move inward from the sides before they will move down. If they move inward perfectly and there is no space to move down, then they will not move down.

You can earn three stars with each level, and you can use 20 of those stars to open the treasure chest. This chest will contain coins and power ups. You will not collect either the stars or the coins at the end of each level if you do not tap the “claim“ button, though.

Occasionally, when you tap the claim button, you will have to sit through an advertisement video that’s about 40 seconds long. Sometimes, though, you will not have to watch an ad at all. If you see a video icon on the claim button, then that means that there is an advertisement coming up as soon as you hit the button.

You can use your coins in the store to purchase various boosts. The hammer is one of the boosts. This allows you to get rid of one specific piece, so that you can finish on level without getting stumped or losing if you happen to have made the wrong sequence.

The second burst is the rotation device, which will rotate the entire level by 90°. The third boost is the rainbow potion, which will allow you to transform an entire group of fruit into a completely different group of fruit.

Tap the question mark button in the top left corner of the screen if you need to go back through the tutorial of how to play. Tap on the settings cog in the top right corner of the screen if you need to turn the music and sound effects on or off, or restart the game, or read the terms and conditions or the privacy policy.

At one point, there may have been a way to cash out that was given from within the game, but as of one of the more recent updates, it appears that there is no longer a method of cashing out. Some people in the reviews claim that that method shows up again after about an hour playing the game, but most claim that the method is gone entirely.

So unfortunately, if you built up enough to get to the cashing out point before the update, then the cash is gone. If you did not or you just downloaded the game, then instead of having them way of earning money, you simply have a fun, simple puzzle game that was downloaded due to misleading advertisements.

If you email us asking where your money is, you are not going to get any kind of answer, because we did not develop or program the game. If you want somebody to contact about your cash, then contact the developers themselves.