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Lucky Eggs: Big Win – How To Win Real-Life Money For Free

Lucky Eggs: Big Win is a new iOS and Android game where you merge eggs to make better, more lucrative eggs, many which are designed after characters from other media properties, such as Spongebob or Toy Story. It’s a fun merger game in its own right, but you can also win real-life money.

The catch is that the game isn’t exactly forthcoming with the info, so you won’t see initially how you can actually win. But there actually is a way.

Read on for tips on how to win real money in Lucky Eggs: Big Win!

When you first download the game, then play for awhile, it will just seem like a regular match game. You’ll win coins and diamonds, and you’ll be able to merge eggs to a higher level. Dollars won’t show up at first.

Occasionally you will find a Lucky Eggs Lucky Time Smash, where you will be able to smash eggs in exchange for a chance at money. You can use your diamonds for extra smashes here, for more chances at cash.

So how do you get the smash chance? It depends on your farm level. Go to your farm upgrade button and see what the required egg level is for your next upgrade. When you’re at farm level 1, the egg level will be 15.

This means that if you get a level 16 egg in the base-level farm, you’ll get a smash chance. For each farm upgrade, the level will increase, but you’ll be able to get a better (multiplied) chance at earning cash.

So should you go for the cash first, or upgrade your farm first? Your best bet is most likely to upgrade your farm, because each upgrade adds a multiplier to your dollar chance. It’s time-consuming, but it’s worth it for all of the upgrades.

One of the major reasons for this is that after enough cash prizes, the chances go down until they’re so low as to be nearly nonexistent. So upgrade your farm first so that you can have the best chances at winning a ton of cash early on in the game, when your cash prize chances are still at their highest.

The minimum cash level to cash out and redeem your winnings is $100, so once you have the total completed, you will be able to redeem.

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If you are too far into the game and it seems that it will be impossible to redeem, make sure that your account is NOT linked in any way, and then delete the app and reinstall it. Often, the game’s AI decides on first play if you are going to be eligible to win the prize or not, so do this to reset your chances.


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Thursday 23rd of July 2020

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H Dupre

Tuesday 21st of July 2020

I am on level six and level 38 eggs. Not once have I had the opportunity to “smash” a “lucky” egg, nor have I even seen one. In addition, there is no “cash” winnings at all, zero, nor any way to connect it to a paypal account. As advertised, this game is a fraud. Don’t waste your time or believe all the hype.