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Bubble Blast Master: Review – Is It a Scam or Legit?

Bubble Blast Master is a new bubble shooting game for the iOS and Android platforms. Bubble shooting games have been around since the 90s, so the gameplay should be familiar to anybody who likes puzzle games. This one comes with a twist, though.

The twist is the claim by the developers that you can win real life money just by playing this game. Most likely, you have downloaded the game due to an advertisement that showed somebody cashing out their earnings. Is this game for real?

Read on to find out if Bubble Blast Master is a scam or if it’s legit!

To start, we will go over the gameplay. You shoot bubbles in order to color match with other bubbles. After you clear out all of the bubbles on the screen, you beat the level, and you move onto the next level.

The way to get the highest score possible is to clear the level in as few moves as you can. The way to do this is by making big combinations and by shooting bubbles that are attached to the highest point possible, so that you can knock down the lower stacks of bubbles with it.

Do you have two different power ups to help you along. The first one is the bubble bomb, which allows you to get rid of one pesky bubble. The second one is the wildcard bubble, which will transform into the color of the bubble stack that it makes contact with.

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As you play, you will see your earnings start to increase, and early on, they will increase rapidly. You might end up seeing $100 or more during the first day, which can look extremely encouraging. When the earnings pile up this fast, though, this brings into question whether the game is legit, because there’s no way they can pay all of the players who make money that quickly.

The minimum cash out point is $200. As you get closer to the point of cashing out, the earnings will slow down. This is another bad sign, because with games like that, it’s typical that players will never make it to the cash out point.

Read the reviews of the game in the App Store for a good indicator of whether or not this game is legit. In this case, most of the reviews say that the cash stops altogether once you hit $196. So everybody that plays the game makes it to where they are exactly 4 dollars short of being able to cash out, no more and no less.

What you won’t find are reviews from players that actually have been able to cash out. If the game were legitimate, you would see it at least a few of those reviews peppered in, so that is a bad sign.

Due to all of the above factors, we have come to the conclusion that this game is a scam. There’s no money invested in it, but there’s no money that can be one from here either. It is simply a bubble shooting game with surprisingly few ads, that is easy and relaxing to those who play it.