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Bubble Blast Master: How To Win Real-Life Money

Bubble Blast Master is a new bubble shooting game for the iOS and Android platforms. This is a classic bubble shooting game with familiar gameplay, but with a twist, in that the developers say you have a chance to win real life money in exchange for playing the game. As you complete levels and earn stars and chests, you can watch the money build up.

Read on for tips on earning real life money for free in Bubble Blast Master!

The gameplay is very simple and should be familiar to anybody who has ever played a bubble shooting game. All that you have to do is shoot bubbles at other bubbles that match the colors. By doing this, you will clear out the entire hanging mass of color matched bubbles.

Your goal is to beat the level in as few moves as possible in order to get the highest score possible. To do this, aim the bubble carefully and try to shoot it at the highest possible matchpoint. If you clear a mass of bubbles that has a different colored mass of bubbles hanging from it, then those bubbles will fall as well.

You have two different types of power ups that you can use in order to make things easier. The bubble bomb will allow you to clear out one bubble of your choice. The wildcard bubble will allow you to clear out an entire mass of bubbles of your choosing by matching to any color that it hits.

As you make your way through the game, you will watch the cash rack up. The cash accumulates after beating levels and with other various bonuses that you earn. Many of these bonuses will require you to watch advertisement videos, but they will also add cash to your stash.

The cash rewards will start out huge and will slowly get smaller and smaller until you get close to the minimum cash out point, which is $200. It takes a very long time to get there, no matter how fast you start off when you are initially earning cash.

Unfortunately for most players, the problem is that once you hit $196, the money stops piling up altogether. That means that they get stuck in exact point, with no help of earning any more money, because all of the money bonuses now earn $0.00.

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If anybody is earning money in this game, then it is completely random, and it is no guarantee that the cash attempts will even work if you do try to cash out.

UPDATE: in a recent update to the game, it appears that any references to cash or money have been completely removed altogether. It is now simply a fun but generic puzzle game without too many advertisements, but no way to actually earn real life money.