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Block Crush: Puzzle Mania – Reviews: Is It a Scam or Legit?

Block Crush: Puzzle Mania is a new mobile puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to clear blocks in line form horizontally and vertically in order to earn points and cash. The gameplay concept is certainly familiar, but it comes with a little bit of a twist.

The twist is that the game claims that you can earn money in real life by playing it. Advertisements show the game as being able to pay in large amounts of money for not doing much. Is this reality, though?

Read it on to find out if Block Crush: Puzzle Mania is a scam or legit!

The gameplay is fairly simple and familiar. All that you have to do is line up pieces correctly in order to clear one or multiple lines at a time. The pieces look a little bit like Tetris pieces, but with a greater variety of shapes, and you can clear lines horizontally or vertically.

The game ends when you run out of space to put your pieces. To stay alive for as long as possible, you want to keep a good chunk of the board clear so that you always have room to put down new pieces, no matter what their shapes are.

You also have power ups that can help you out. The rotation power up allows you to rotate a piece before you place it, giving you more flexibility when it comes to making it fit. The swap power up allows you to swap one piece for another piece, also giving you more flexibility.

You will see the cash rack up quickly as you play the game. When you clear lines, you will often earn cash, especially if you clear lines with a piece that has cash icons contained within the blocks.

You will also see the cash rack up quickly when you tap on the little cash bubbles. Many of them allow you to earn cash without even watching an advertisement video.

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You will see the cash rack up extremely quickly, but as far as legitimacy goes, this is actually a negative point. There is no way that the developer would be able to pay out the amount of cash that players are likely to earn within the game.

Another telltale sign that shows whether the game is a scam or legitimate is in the review section on the App Store that you downloaded the game from. Do you have a number of reviews from people who say that they have been able to cash out? Or do you simply have reviews from frustrated players who either can’t figure out how to cash out or who to say that they haven’t been able to hit the minimum?

In the case of this game, there is no minimum cashing out point, because there is no way to cash out at all. While you earn lots of cash within the game, it does not correlate to real life money. The only use for the cash that you earn in the game is refilling your power ups.

So with that, we’re going to have to rule that the game is a scam, since the advertisements claim that you can cash out your money. It is simply a fun, if derivative, puzzle game, nothing more and nothing less.