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Diamond 1010: Reviews – Is It a Scam or Legit?

Diamond 1010, also styled as Diamond1010, is a new block clearing game for the Android and iOS platforms. Your goal in this game is to clear lines horizontally and vertically using block formations of various shapes. You can try to keep it going as long as possible, using space management to ensure that your pieces will always have somewhere that they fit.

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This game claims that you can earn PayPal and Amazon gift cards by playing for long enough and cashing out your rewards. When you play, you will see your earnings go up, but will you be able to cash out?

Read on to find out if Diamond 1010 is a scam or if it’s legitimate!

The method of play is pretty simple, and is a familiar one if you are into mobile puzzle games. There are a lot of games that use this same format. The only difference is that this game claims to be able to allow you to earn gift cards.

In order to cash out Amazon gift cards, the minimum withdrawal point is an astronomical $10,000. For PayPal, the minimum withdrawal point is a slightly more manageable $1000. Either way, though, this game promises very high rewards.

Whenever you clear lines, complete tasks, or execute any other sort of bonus, you will have to watch an advertisement video in order to actually earn your rewards. The videos usually take between 30 and 50 seconds to complete, and after the video completes, your earnings will be added to your total.

Often, as you continue to play, you will notice that the earnings go down significantly once you pass a certain point. They will drop from hundreds of dollars per video, two double digits, and then two single digits. This will make it seem like it takes forever to earn your reward and get to the point of being able to cash out.

If this happens, then it might help to delete the game, download it again, and then start playing again. This is due to the algorithm built into the game that decides whether you will be a winner or not immediately upon first starting it. Downloading and then reinstalling the game might allow you to reset the algorithm.

So will this game actually pay out as it says it will? Your best indicator is to look at the reviews in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Look at the reviews to see if anybody has cashed out.

Right now, most of the reviews express frustration with the game, especially with either not being able to make it to the minimum withdrawal point, or with the game having you do multiple tasks in order to have you cash out, even if you hit the minimum.

What you will not find many of, though, is reviews from people who say that they have actually cashed out and received their Amazon or PayPal gift cards. In fact, if you look at the review sections, you will not find a single review from somebody who has successfully cashed out.

Because of this, we are going to have to call the game a scam until proven otherwise. If we find more evidence of players being able to withdraw their earnings and collect gift cards, then we will update this article, but for now, we’re going to say that Diamond 1010 is not legitimate.