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Cyber Miner Plus: Reviews – Is It a Scam or Legit?

Cyber Miner Plus is a new mobile matching game for the iOS and Android platforms where you match a minimum of three tiles in a row in order to increase your score and your level. This game also claims that you will be able to earn Amazon and PayPal gift cards by playing, potentially making the stakes far higher then they would be by playing your typical match three game.

The minimum point of cashing out is extremely high in this game; with Amazon, it’s a $10,000 minimum, and with PayPal, it’s a $5000 minimum. The earnings also seem to stack up quickly, but are they real, and will you be able to cash them out?

Read on for a breakdown of whether Cyber Miner Plus is a scam, or whether it’s a legitimate game!

The main method of clay is simply by matching tiles, of course. Often, when you make tile matches, you will be able to watch an advertisement video afterward in order to add it to your Amazon and PayPal earnings.

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Additionally, Amazon logos will often float over the main play area. Tap them, and you will again be able to watch an advertisement video. When the video is done, your earnings will increase.

There are other mini games that you can play, such as the roulette wheel. If you spin the roulette wheel and you land on either Amazon or PayPal, then those earnings will increase as well.

One telltale sign of whether one of these games is a scam or legitimate is how quickly the earnings increase, and in Cyber Miner Plus, the earnings increase extremely quickly. Often, you will earn hundreds toward your future reward just by doing a simple little action.

This is typically a bad sign for James that claim to pay you in real life. The reason is that the companies that make these games couldn’t possibly afford to pay all of the players that earn money within these games. The best way to double check is by reading the reviews, though.

Go to the App Store that you downloaded the game from, then go to the download page and read the reviews. If the players have been able to cash out, then logically, you should find plenty of very happy reviews from players who claimed that they got their rewards.

With Cyber Miner Plus, though, this does not appear to be the case. There are plenty of reviews expressing frustration or irritation because players have not been able to cash out, or have not been able to meet the minimum‘s, or have met the minimums and attempted to cash out and been given nothing.

Occasionally, a review will say that they have hit the point of being able to cash out, but that the game gives them extra tasks to do before they are able to use it. This is merely a way of wasting the players time and causing them to view more advertisement videos, in order to earn more money for the developer.

We are going to have to say that this game is a scam and is not legitimate. The claims of earning real life money in the form of Amazon or PayPal gift cards are simply untrue and are away to get the player to watch loads of advertisements. You are probably not going to earn money through this game, although if we find more positive reviews and payment proofs, then we will change our tone.


Thursday 25th of August 2022

Cyber miner. DUD. Don’t pay.


Monday 8th of August 2022

Good morning friends I have reached my 5000 PayPal but it keep saying place again.


Thursday 30th of June 2022

Played cyber miner and they don’t pay. Need to have a place on Facebook where a person can say it’s a rip off of your time.