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Cyber Miner Plus: How To Earn Real Life Money For Free

Cyber Miner Plus, also known simply as Cyber Miner, is A new match three game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to match three or more identical tiles in a row in order to earn points and progress forward.

This game also claims that you can earn money in real life by playing it, in the form of Amazon and PayPal gift cards. As you continue to make combinations and use your various power ups throughout the level, your earnings will continue to build.

Read on for a guide to earning real life money in Cyber Miner Plus!

If you have ever played a mobile match three game before, such as Candy Crush Saga, then the gameplay will immediately be familiar. It works the exact same way; I’ll let you do is match between three and five tiles in a row, or five tiles in a T shape.

Making a match of three tiles in a row will earn you points, but it will not earn you any bonuses. However, these matches are necessary in order to keep the stage moving.

If you match four or more tiles in a row, you can earn various bonuses. These include the bomb, the mine, and the magnet. The special pieces will allow you to knock off multiple tiles on the board, such as clearing a line horizontally or vertically, or knocking out all of the pieces of one color.

When you clear out big combinations such as this, often you will be offered a reward in exchange for watching an advertisement video. This will either be Amazon earnings or PayPal earnings, and if you watch the video all the way through, you will have the earnings added to your stockpile.

There are other ways to earn similar bonuses in this game, such as tapping the Amazon or PayPal logos that float overhead. And offer to watch a video will appear immediately as soon as you do with us. When the video completes, you will receive the earnings.

Another way to receive these earnings is by spinning the lucky wheel. You can do as many spins as you want, just by watching an advertisement video every time that you want to do a spin. You have a chance of earning power ups, Amazon earnings, or PayPal earnings whenever you do one of these spins.

There is a minimum point for cashing out for both Amazon and PayPal money. For Amazon, that minimum point is $10,000. For PayPal, the minimum point is $5000.

Once you earn the minimum amount and decide to cash out, you will be asked to fill in your information. Allegedly, you will be able to earn your money without waiting.

Occasionally, you will find that earnings of slow down as they get higher and higher. This can lead to a situation where are you never meet the minimum points for cashing out, or where it takes you an extremely long time to get to that point.

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If you do finally get to the minimum points, then cash out and see what happens. You may get your rewards, although just by looking at the reviews for the game, the chances are fairly slim, and often rewards don’t show up when they are promised, so player beware.


Thursday 7th of September 2023

I never got my money from cyber miner $4,722.45 that’s been 6 months ago when i post to get it in my cashapp never did so please tell me why