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Money Feast: Reviews – Is It a Scam or Legit?

Money Feast is a new game for the iOS and Android that plays similarly to the 2048 games, in that you slide dollar bills up the screen, first 2, then 4, then 8, and so forth. If you merge two identical bills together, you will get a bill of double the value. You can merge bills together until the value increases to nearly unlimited levels.

One thing that is different about this game is that it claims to be able to earn that you want money in real life. You have minimum cash out points, and once you reach the threshold, the game will allow you to cash out on PayPal or via Amazon gift card. The real question, though, is whether you actually will be able to receive the money that you make in the game.

Read on for a breakdown of whether this game is a scam or legitimate!

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In Money Feast, the gameplay is very similar to that of the 2048 games. You merge identical dollar bills together in order to double the number. You can make it up to almost unlimited dollar amounts, including in the five and six figures, once you make enough combinations.

As you make combinations, the game will offer you to watch advertisement videos in exchange for making money, which either goes to your earnings on PayPal or to your earnings via Amazon gift card. You will see the bar fill, and once the bar fills, that means you are at the minimum point for cashing out. This threshold is $1000 for PayPal and $10,000 for Amazon.

Do these seem like extremely high thresholds? Of course they do. Do the earnings pile up really really fast in this game? They do as well. Is this a good sign?

Surprisingly, no, it is not a good sign when the earnings pile up too fast. The pace is completely unsustainable, and any developer that gives cash out to its players that quickly would be bankrupt within two seconds.

Another way to tell if this game is a scam or legitimate is to check the reviews. Go to the Apple App Store or to the Google Play Store And then go to the download page for this game, and look through the reviews to see what other players are saying about it. You especially want to look to see if anybody has cashed out.

In the case of this game, the reviews are absolutely awful. You have many cases of players saying that they have not been able to cash out, despite making it to the threshold. They’ll say that they get to the $1000, then the game tells them to watch 30 advertisement videos, then 60, then 80, with a number constantly changing and increasing.

Other players will say that they have not been able to reach the cash out point at all. The closer they get, the more the rewards shrink, until the rewards stop coming altogether just before the point of cashing out.

Additionally, the most holy thing is that there is no proof of anyone successfully cashing out, receiving the money, and having proof that they received the money. There are continual stories about players who have run into endless obstacles, but none about players who have actually done it.

With all of the above factors in mine, the ruling is that this game is not legitimate, and that you will not get paid like the advertisements and they gave itself say that you will. This is simply a somewhat fun game if you are inclined to like this sort of game, but don’t expect to earn any real money or any Amazon gift cards for a man, or you will be disappointed.