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Fun Block Puzzle – Brain Game: How to Earn Real Life Money for Free

Fun Block Puzzle – Brain Game is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you can put blocks on a board in order to clear lines. You can clear lines horizontally and vertically, try to keep the board as empty as possible, and earn coins and trophies in the process.

The draw of a simple game like this is that there are many advertisements claiming that you can actually earn money in real life by playing this game. Simply make it to the point of being able to cash out and you will be able to get money deposited into your account.

Read on for a guide to earning money in real life in Fun Block Puzzle – Brain Game!

In order to clear lines off of the board, you have to complete the entire row, or the entire column. You can clear as little as one line at a time, or as many as four lines at a time, depending on how daring you want to be.

Your goal is to stay alive for as long as possible. The longer that you can keep the puzzle going without running out of spaces in order to put things, the more coins and the more trophies you will earn at the end.

Sometimes a block will come up that shows coins or diamonds in the middle of it. If you clear a line using reverse, then you will be able to earn a free bonus.

You have two different power ups that you can use to get yourself out of jams. The rotate power off allows you to rotate the board in order to give yourself a chance at having more spaces to put your shapes in. The bomb allows you to blow up specific pieces on the board in order to clear out areas where you can drop your blocks.

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You can go to the store in the game in order to purchase more power ups using the coins that you get. Considering that you earn large numbers of coins right from the beginning, you should have plenty of power ups that you’re able to purchase.

At one point, there was a way to cash out that was given from within the game, but as of one of the more recent updates, it appears that there is no longer a method of cashing out. Some people in the reviews claim that that method shows up again after about an hour playing the game, but most claim that the method is gone entirely.

So unfortunately, if you built up enough to get to the cashing out point before the update, then the cash is gone. If you did not or you just downloaded the game, then instead of having them way of earning money, you simply have a fun, simple puzzle game that was downloaded due to misleading advertisements.

If you email us asking where your money is, you are not going to get any kind of answer, because we did not develop or program the game. If you want somebody to contact about your cash, then contact the developers themselves.