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Merge Pool – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Merge Pool is a new endless pool game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to knock a ball across a virtual pool table and merge it with another ball of the same color, and to continue doing this and growing the ball to a larger size until it explodes. Go as long as you can without running out of balls to hit. Read on for some tips and tricks for Merge Pool!

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Each ball that you shoot out has an initial number of one. After two balls with the number one inside of them merge with each other, a larger bowl with the number two will be made. Merge balls of the same color in this manner until you and up with a large ball with the number five in it. A number five ball will explode and add five more balls to your leftovers.

Your goal is to get the highest point total possible, and your method of earning points is to knock balls of the same color into each other in order to merge them. Create a merging chain reaction, though, and you can earn a whole bunch of bonus points. A double merge is worth double the points, and a triple merge is worth triple the points, for instance.

In addition to the colored balls, there are two other types of balls. The gray balls pop up after you explode one ball, and these cannot be cleared at all off the board. All that they do is get in your way. A rainbow ball, on the other hand, will merge with the first ball that it touches no matter what color it is, unless it is gray.

Merging a ball to level five is the way to get it to blow up. It is also possible to merge the ball higher than a level five. Simply knock any two balls of the same color into each other that have a combined number of six or higher. The highest level one that you can end up with is eight.

Modify the speed at which you shoot the ball. If you pull all the way back, then you will send it flying and bouncing across the board. However, so often the shot in order to get a little bit more control of the ball. Especially soft in the shot if you are shooting a gray ball and you want to pinpoint it to an exact location where it will stay out of the way.