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Pocket-Run Pool: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Pocket-Run Pool is a new indie pool game for the iOS platform that’s been hailed as possibly the best pool game on mobile right now. You can play pool with a few rule changes, using multipliers and strategy to try to get the highest score possible. You can compete in low-stakes runs, or high-stakes tournaments with extra rules, and in high-score tournaments, earning coins and medals as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pocket-Run Pool!

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The difference between standard pool rules and this game is that the multipliers add a whole new element of strategy. After every turn, the multipliers rotate on each hole. The most important element to getting a high score is to hit a high-value ball into a high-value hole, so waste a shot if you need to. Just keep an eye on how many balls you have left.

In the standard run, your only goal is to finish the game and get the highest score possible without using up all of your three lives. In the high-stakes tournament, you can make a huge bet, but you can win a huge sum of money. The rules are the same except that there will be some new caveat added, such as death balls or one life. The higher the score that you get, the more you’ll multiply your initial investment. You have to get 500+ to make your money back, but if you get less than 500, you can still get part of your money back. 400, for example, will earn you 80% of your investment back.

If your battery is getting low, then go to the options menu and turn on your battery saver. This changes the frame rate from 60 frames per second to 30, so that the game uses half of the battery power, but it still runs at the same speed, so you don’t feel the slowdown after awhile. Turn off the background motion and the haptics also, for additional battery saving.

The insta-tournament has a smaller buy-in and takes awhile to update, but if you win first through third place, you can win either a gold medal, a silver medal or a bronze medal. Plus, you win more money depending on where in the tournament you end up finishing.

Play the standard run frequently to practice your high scoring before you go into the high-stakes competitions regularly. If you enter a high-stakes competition but you don’t like the extra rule that you have to deal with, you can abandon it for free, then go back in again and try to spin for a new rule.