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Mayhem Combat: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Mayhem Combat is a new fighting game where your weapons are baseball bats – that, and some other types of weapons, but mostly, it’s baseball bats. Your goal is to go through single-player quests and defeat bosses, as well as to complete in online multiplayer matches. You can earn coins and zaps as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Mayhem Combat!

Battling is fairly simple – you hit the other fighter and you avoid getting hit by them. Combos are fun, but don’t fall in love with a combo in case you end up getting hit too hard by another fighter. Some weapons are slower than others, so faster weapons will give you a bit more leeway, whereas slower weapons require more care.

Different characters can equip different weapons. Your standard brawlers equip things like bats and hockey sticks, while other fighters equip various weapons that serve as fancy brass knuckles, so the mechanisms will be different in battle. Adjust your battle strategy depending on the behavior of your weapon, and depending on the character that you choose.

Coins are required in order to upgrade characters and weapons. Earning cards for characters and weapons can be done through chests, and so can coins, but if you’re short on coins compared to cards, go to the store screen and tap on the free micro coin pack buttons. This will cause the Tapjoy offer wall to pop up. The offer wall will be loaded with both free and paid offers, both of which can earn you plenty of free coins.

You can do two different game modes in online play. One-on-one is pretty similar to the standard battling, but live players will have different tactics than the computer will. Free-for-all puts ten players into an arena at the same time so the tactics are far different here. The main goal is to avoid getting hit. Concentrate on one battle at a time and let the rest of the players fight it out. Stay alive until you’re the only one left for maximum rewards.

You earn all kinds of free chests and easy reward chests throughout the game, so open them immediately and upgrade your characters and weapons, and pick new ones if you get a more powerful option. Set the push notifications so that you can come back and collect a free chest as soon as it becomes available. When you collect it, the countdown timer resets itself.

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