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Guide to Major Mayhem for iPhone: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Major Mayhem is the latest and, thus far, the most popular game by Adult Swim for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. It’s a cartoony shooting game that pits you, the Rambo lookalike known as (surprise surprise) Major Mayhem, against an army of evil ninjas who have stolen your girl and are threatening the security of the United States. Armed with a big arsenal of weapons and armor, can you take them down? Read on for some tips and tricks to find out!

As early on as you possibly can, go to the weapons store and pick up the Uzi. The uzi only costs 750 coins to get, and it allows you to “shoot an enemy full of bonus” increasing your combo multipliers, allowing you to get more mayhem and more coins. After you get the uzi, then you should start saving up for some of the most expensive weapons possible, so that you can blow away enemies easily.

A good way to rack up coins is to play the very first mission over and over again using the Uzi. The uzi is cheap, it allows you to rack up massive mayhem combos, and you can shoot down the two airplanes that pop up in the second screen of the stage with the uzi itself, without having to use any bonus boosters such as the super bullets.

If you do have the super bullets though, there are two best times to use them. One of them is right before a group of airplanes start flying overhead, so that you can simply tap and shoot them down easily, without having to think about aiming the shot so that the bullets gets there in the right amount of time. Another time is during the “run ‘n gun” portions of the stage, so that you can shoot through the structures that the ninjas are always hiding behind.

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