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Land of Zombies iPhone Game Guide: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Land of Zombies is a construction management simulation (or a fair building game for short) for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. You have inherited a truly awful, haunted piece of land in California from a deceased family member, but never being one to give up hope on turning a negative to a positive, you decide to clean up the land and start building a fairground. Sure, you have a whole bunch of celebrities who are trying to vacation next door and are always complaining, but if you own a fair loaded with zombies, what are you gonna do? Why, eat them of course! Read on for some tips and tricks for Land of Zombies!

If your zombies run out of hit points, but you don’t want to spend brains on recovering them, then there’s something you can do to recover them for free. Simply go to your device’s settings, then go to the date and time, and set the time ahead by whatever time you want to – an hour or two is usually good. Then, go back to the game and they will be recovered. How far ahead you need to set the time depends on how much energy they need to recover. Then, set the time back to normal and they will still be recovered.

The same trick can not only recover your energy as well, but also allow you to engage in a fight against celebrities or others again without having to wait for the timer for the next battle to count down. The difference with the battle timing is that if you set your device back to normal without fighting the celebrities, then the timer will reset back to what it originally was. However, if you use it to recover your energy, your energy will stay recovered after you set the time back to normal.

You can use it to collect coins from buildings immediately, too. If you do this, then make sure to set the time back to normal before you collect from them, because if you collect from them when the time is still set ahead, it will take much longer for them to be ready to be collected from next.