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Idle Space Tycoon: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Idle Space Tycoon is a new space station building game for the iOS and Android platforms by Cold Fire Games, a sequel of sorts to Idle Space Clicker. Your goal in this game is to build up a wealthy space station loaded with ships and pilots, sending them out on supply runs and earning as many Credits and Space Cash as possible. You can even discover new worlds as you move further into the game. Read on for some tips, cheats, strategies, hints, and tricks for Idle Space Tycoon!

While the game is idle, you can tap on a ship to speed up the cargo loading and unloading. This about doubles the speed, which doesn’t make much of a difference at first, but once you have multiple ships, you can tap them all and use multiple fingers to speed the tapping along. This is especially effective when paired with your most lucrative spaceship parking spots.

Aside from earning idle credits, you have a few other ways to load on on more of it at once. Tap the yellow chest that floats by every once in awhile in order to fire up a video ad, in exchange for a bunch of instant credits. Tap the boost button to watch an ad and double your credits earned for four hours at a time.

One of the biggest boosts to your income is earning more ships, which happens at level 50, 100, and 200. The ship is expensive, but the pilot is not, so hire a ton of pilots even if you don’t need them. Many pilots have low bonuses, but many pilots have far higher bonuses, so you can farm out pilots to the highest-earning docks to increase their bonus even further.

The biggest one of all comes from your offline income. When you’re offline for a long-ish period of time, make sure that you have a good internet connection when you come back online. When you do, you’ll be able to either claim your offline income and watch no ads, or double your offline income in exchange for watching a single ad video. Watch the ad video, because your offline income will be the highest thing you earn anyways, so you might as well double it.

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You can go to the Map menu to unlock more new areas. Once you have the money to purchase a new area, do so, and you can start an entirely new space station with more new parking docks. Right now, many of the other areas on the map show as “Coming Soon”, but expect them to be added as the developers push out updates.


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