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Production Chain Tycoon – Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Production Chain Tycoon is a new idle tycoon game for the iOS and Android platforms. The goal of this game is to build efficient supply chains on a series of islands, and collect more and more different types of materials. You can collect everything from wood, stone, coal, iron, and more, while also collecting gold coins in the process.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for Production Chain Tycoon!

The challenge of this game is that you have to connect all of your production buildings to your warehouses using the roads, and the connections have to be direct; there are no indirect connections like in the older SimCity games. That means that your islands are going to have a significant number of seemingly redundant roads, but you can also work to minimize them by thoroughly analyzing your island and building your production areas in the right place.

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With some of the production buildings, though, you are fairly limited on where you can construct them. Wood production buildings, for example, can only be built over the forests, while stone mining operations of various types can only be built on mountains. Other buildings, though, especially ones which are used to craft second and third order materials, can be built anywhere.

Be sure to scroll around the map and pick up any treasure boxes that you see floating around in the ocean. These treasure boxes contain everything from gold coins to large amounts of various materials, so they will majorly help you, especially when you are trying to battle a deficit.

If you have a negative production value in one of your resources, then that means that the upkeep of other buildings is out pacing the production of this specific material. There are multiple ways to deal with it. One method, of course, is to build or upgrade the workshop that is producing side material.

The other way is to downgrade the buildings that require upkeep. You can downgrade them by one level at a time, or you can sell them altogether; the right move is dependent on how much you need that production. You even have the option of building it back later when you have enough supply to do so.

When the investor shows up, you will have the option to watch an advertisement video in exchange for a large amount of resources. You need a strong internet connection in order to get these video ads, but they provide significantly higher bonuses than the treasure boxes do, sometimes up to 10 times more.

Be sure to complete the tasks and quests that are given to you, because these are the top way to earn a free gold coins in the game. Otherwise, you might have to spend real money in order to earn your points, but if you want to play without spending any money, then it’s fairly easy to do so.

You can spend gold coins in order to clear various areas on your island, but in order to make it worth it, make sure that you have a plan regarding what to do with that additional space. If you don’t have a plan, you could clear out that space and then end up with either a redundant solution or excess being completely cut off from the road.