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Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North – Resource Guide: How to easily get more gold, wood, stone, ore and food

Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North is possibly the single top strategy game on the iPhone right now. It’s all about how many resources you can build up, how many troops you can get (to increase the “might” of your kingdom), and how to raid other kingdoms, as well as to protect your kingdom from getting raided. Resources in particular are the key to the game, as without gold, wood, stone, ore and food, you really can’t do much of anything. Read on to find out how to stock up on resources and make the game much easier for yourself.

The most obvious way to stock up on resources is to not only upgrade all of your resource-getting buildings (farms for food, mines for ore, quarries for stone, and sawmills for wood) as high as you can make them go, but to build more and more mines, quarries, sawmills and farms. Not only is it very quick to build them, but when you’re really low on resources it is much cheaper to build new ones than to upgrade ones that already exist, and it takes only 5 seconds to build a new one. Later on you can upgrade them, again and again and again, to really jack up the number of resources you get.

Research as often as possible as well. Researching technologies which are directly related to the resources you gain, adds 10% each to your resources, making your upgrades on buildings, and your number of resource buildings, even more worthwhile.

Regarding what to research: Research Fertilizer to increase food production. Research Logging for wood production. Research Stoneworking for stone production, and smelting for ore production. Research Giant’s Strength to speed up construction by 10%, which obviously leads to quicker upgrades to your production facilities. Research Shrinking Powder to give all of your storehouses 10% more space with which to hold all of this good stuff.

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