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Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North – How to increase your might faster and how to get free gems

Might is everything when it comes to keeping your resources, winning battles and getting resources in Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North. Your might is the real determinator of how powerful you are. Having a lot of might makes you very desirable to join an alliance, increases your standing both in the game and among those in your alliance, and makes you a target that nobody wants to attack, because less and less militaries will be wanting to deal with you. Gems are the premium currency in Kingdoms of Camelot. Read on to find out how to get more might and how to get more gems!

Getting more might is a function of how many troops you have, and what type of troops you have. Early on in the game, you can only train militiamen in your barracks, who are worth 4 might each. As you research and build new buildings (stables, blacksmiths, etc) and level them up, meeting the requirements in order to get new troops, you will drastically increase your ability to gain might quickly.

Built more and more barracks, too, rather than trying to train all of your troops out of one barracks. Decide what percentage of troops you want to train per barrack (for example, 20% of your troops in each barrack), then click on the barracks, one by one, and slide the bar to the right amount of troops. You will literally exponentially increase the amount of might you can gain from the same troop this way.

Defensive troops are worth more might than offensive troops, generally, so make sure to maximize how many defensive troops you train. You can only train them in one place (since you have only one wall), but the more you level up the wall, the quicker that your troops can get trained up. Not to mention, having defensive troops protects both your resources and your might, as you become much harder to invade and beat.

Right now, there isn’t a cold hard way to get free gems in the game. You have to buy gems, but if you buy the more expensive packages of gems, you’ll get free gems as well. Don’t be fooled by offers that appear to say “buy this and you will get 500 free gems”. You actually get 500 gems WORTH of items.

Every so often, Kabam holds contests for free gems, though. Find these by searching Kabam’s forums or by keeping an eye on Kabam’s Facebook page to look for news.

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