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Rider Worlds – Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Rider Worlds is a new old-school driving game for the iOS and Android platforms by Ketchapp that brings back the old days of mobile games. The purpose of this game is to drive along endless side scrolling levels while doing flips and earning the highest score possible, but also lasting for as long as you can. You can unlock all kinds of new cars and special effects, as well as earn rubies and even unlock new game modes.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for Rider Worlds!

In order to get the highest possible score on a level, there are two elements. One of them is how many tricks you can do and how many points you can score from your tricks. The more flips that you do in a jump, the more points that you earn, and the more consecutive jumps that contain flips, you will end up multiplying your points.

Of course, you want to make sure to simply stay alive, rather than ending up crashing because you were too focused on doing flips. If a particular jump seems too dicey for you, then forget the flip and instead focus on landing flat. Landing flat will give you one more opportunity to increase your score, and the more often that you land flat, the longer you will be able to go for.

Be sure to collect all of those diamonds and rubies that you can win you are playing. These build up overtime, and you can spend your earnings on various different types of bonuses, such as cars, explosions, landings, and trails. All four of these are primarily cosmetic modifications, but there is a nearly unlimited number of them that you are able to earn.

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In addition, you can also earn almost every single one of these in a different rarity. When you increase the rarity on a cosmetic modification, it makes the effects stand out more, whether it is an explosion affect or a different color that you can pick for your car, or a higher rarity car itself.

There are multiple different missions and quests that you can complete as you go through the game. These will earn you different sorts of prizes as you complete them, so if you want to earn the highest amount of diamonds and rubies possible, then be sure to complete these. These are also a very fast way to earn more effects, cars, and other bonuses.

Additionally, these quests and other achievements throughout the game will earn you stars, which you need in order to increase your experience level. Focus on earning more stars in order to unlock new worlds and other new bonuses.

For a massive bonus, be sure to collect all of the letters that spell the word “bonus” as you go through the level. These letters will be in a different place every time, because the levels are randomly generated, and they won’t be hard to find as they will simply be on your path, so be sure to keep an eye out for them and don’t jump over them.