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Flail Rider – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Flail Rider is a new endless driving game for the iOS and Android platforms. Flail Rider, which is oddly reminiscent of the sunsetted game Wrecky Ball, puts you in control of a car with a giant flail dragging behind it. Your goal is to use the car and the flail to destroy as many buildings as you can within the time given. You can collect coins, and then use the coins to purchase new cars. Read on for some tips and tricks for Flail Rider!

Slide around and fling the flail to hit buildings, but make sure not to hit anything as you do so. Make very small adjustments so that you can hit a building without allowing yourself to get hit as well. If you run into a building, you die and you lose the round.

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You can drive right through small objects, such as trees and snowmen, without having to flail them, and destroying them will earn you one point apiece. Larger objects (buildings, etc) will earn you more than one point for each one that you destroy. Oftentimes they will drop coins or ten-second boosts, allowing you even more time in the round to hit objects. The ultimate goal, of course, is to hit 100 percent of the objects in each round.

Coins can be earned within the game, but the way to earn the most coins is to use the free videos and the free gifts. Free gifts are given with time; free videos are offered every time that you die in the game. Die as quickly as possible each time you play just to get the free videos to show up faster. Each time that you complete an ad video, you earn an additional 20 coins.

Once you earn 100 coins, you will be able to unlock a new car from the flail gacha. Play the gacha and you will either earn a new car or a car that you already have; the higher percentage of unlocked cars that you have, the lower the chances of getting a new car that you don’t already have. Aside from the size of the car, each car drives the same; they merely change the appearance of the car, adding a new degree of customization.

Size, though, matters because a bigger car is easier to crash due to the larger target. That’s why scores are divided up by small car, medium car, and large car. So if you set a high score with one size of car, and you are not sure if you can beat it again anytime soon, pick a car of a different size and play with that car.