H3H3: Ball Rider – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

H3H3: Ball Rider is the official game of Youtubers Ethan and Hila Klein for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to ride the ball as far as possible while collecting power-ups and knocking over people, starting with Hila as the rider and Ethan as the ball, with more riders and balls being unlocked as you earn more chests, coins, and cash. Raed on for some tips and tricks for H3H3: Ball Rider!

Your method of movement is to use the left thumb to control the direction and to use the right thumb to control the acceleration. You can never really move all that fast, so you have to make up for it by collecting green orbs in order to boost your time gauge. Crash into the random fans standing around, too, in order to earn more green orbs and keep going for longer.

Whenever you see a chest chilling in the middle of a level, collect it so that you can open it later. When you finish a level that you’ve collected a chest in, start the opening process. A bronze chest takes four hours to open, and rarer (silver and gold) chests take longer than that. Watch advertisement videos after the opening process begins and you’ll be able to instantly open them without having to spend any cash.

You’ll find goodies such as coins and new outfits when you open chests. The new outfits are for cosmetic purposes, as they all have the same performance, but the extra equipment that Ethan and Hila can equip has its own benefits for practical use, such as increased checkpoint time when Ethan equips the pizza. Upgrade the equipment and you can boost its effect, as well.

Leveling up allows you to unlock new levels. Vape Nation is your initial level when you’re at level one, and you’ll unlock Papa Bless when you hit level 2, and Paranormal Peak at level 3. From then on, more and more levels will be unlocked as you gain levels. They’re all endless and randomized, but more advanced levels contain more advanced obstacles.

Complete both the achievements and daily objectives in order to earn coins. The daily objectives are unique in that they also earn you large quantities of experience points, so that when you collect the rewards, you can often level up extremely quickly. Once you complete all of the daily objectives, you’ll have to wait until the next day for more to come, athough you can make more appear by watching ad video offers.