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Hamster Inn – Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Hamster Inn is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you play as a cute little hamster, running a hotel for other hamsters and small animals. You can build rooms of increasing quality in order to accommodate more customers, promote your hotel, clean, serve room service, and more. You can even unlock new areas, such as the Broken Cup Coffee Shop and the Pond for fishing, while collecting seeds and gems.

Keep reading for a collection of tips and tricks for Hamster Inn!

Seeds are your main form of currency in this game, and almost every piece of furniture you buy, as well as each decoration and each new room that you add, contributes to you earning more seeds. Be sure to prioritize upgrading your tip jar as soon as possible though; this is the only way to increase the maximum amount of seeds that can build up, so that you can collect a massive amount of seeds after a long period of time being off-line.

Additionally, every piece of furniture and decoration that you own compounds upon each other to increase your earnings. It doesn’t matter which piece of furniture you decide to display when you have multiple pieces of furniture in the same slot; the earnings will be the same way.

Use your gems to go to the shop and purchase items from the collection. It will provide a massive increase in either the amount of seeds that you earn, or the maximum amount of seeds that the tip jar can hold, or in the case of the coffee shop and the pond, they will increase the amount of visitors that show up. Use all of the gems that you earn to purchase items out of the collection.

When it comes to purchasing new types of food for room service, every type of food that you have will appear in the rooms, with each item having its own cost. The cheap foods will still appear, but so will the expensive foods; you can level them up in order to increase the amount earned when you serve each piece of food, so you won’t get stuck serving cheap food forever. Each purchase of a new food item will also unlock a new guest that can visit the hotel.

Aside from the normal guests, there are also special guests and unwanted guests. The special guests will give you massive bonuses; tap them as long as they are in the hotel in order to earn these bonuses, such as seeds for B-Coin. Unwanted guests will barge into the hotel and annoy the other guests until they leave, which can cut into your earnings. Tap them in order to drain their status bar until they disappear.

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After normal guests show up a specific number of times, you will be able to unlock their special ability. Their special abilities correspond to each time that they appear, and will consist of bonuses such as sleeping faster or paying you a larger tip. Look for the red “!” logo over the guest button to see which guests you can upgrade.

For that matter, look for that same icon over any of the other buttons to see what purchases you can afford or what freebies you have earned. In particular, when you see this icon over the achievement area, tap it in order to find free bonuses.

Take most of the video advertisement offers that you can, but especially take the video offer each time that you collect your offline income from the tip jar. This triples your income from the tip jar, and later in the game when the tip jar is huge, this will give you a gigantic bonus.