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Happy Hotel (iOS) Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Happy Hotel is a “new” game for the iPhone and iPod Touch (I put new in quotes because it’s actually a rereleased and rebranded version of Hotel Story). It’s an anime style top-down hotel game that puts you in charge of managing a hotel, filling it with amenities and rooms for your guests to stay in. You can even add “items” to the rooms, which will increase the appeal of the rooms and the money that your hotel makes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hotel Story!

You can manage your hotel multiple ways in this game. For example, you can either try to pack as many guests into the hotel as possible by adding as many bedrooms as possible, or you can add as many amenities to the hotel as possible, having less overall guests but still making a lot of money. Once you have enough money, upgrade your hotel so that you have enough room to build even more rooms and make even more money.

You normally have to wait for your rooms to earn coins (the more coins that your room can earn, the longer it will take to wait to be able to collect from them), but you can collect from them immediately if you do the iPhone time trick. Do this by going to your phone’s settings and setting the actual time ahead by about 10-15 minutes. Then go back to Happy Hotel and all of the buildings will be ready to be collected from, as well as the various items that your guests find in the hotel and give to you. Collect everything. Then set the time ahead a little more, and collect everything again. Repeat as often as you like.

If you do that trick over and over, you’ll earn a ton of coins but when you set the time back to the real time, the rooms will take forever to be ready for collection. So do this trick if you are about to go to bed or not play the app for awhile for some other reason, or sell the rooms and buy them again after you do the trick so many times.

The trick also works for tours, which typically take hours to complete, but allows you to complete them instantaneously. If you use this trick for tours, don’t collect anything from any other room, so that once you set the time back to normal, your rooms will all be back to normal.