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Hotel Hideaway – Tips, Cheats, and Money Guide

Hotel Hideaway is a new social game for the iOS and Android platform. It’s more of a chat room and less of a game, as you can go here and interact live with other players, collect coins and buy outfits. You can explore the hotel and its surroundings, earn coins and diamonds, and get stickers to put on your profile as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hotel Hideaway!

One thing you may see in this game is people putting colored text in the chat rooms, or text with other kinds of designs. The way to do this is by using HTML to change the font color, italicize the font, make the font bold, etc. Use opening and closing tags if you want to use HTML in the chat, so that you don’t mess anything up in the chat.

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The way to earn coins is from the rifts. When you go to a rift, you will see other players surrounding it typically. Go to the rift and send your character in there, and wait out the coin earnings. You can watch ad videos to speed up the earnings, as well. The longer you leave it in the rift, the more coins that you earn. You can watch an ad video at the end of it to double the earnings of your creature as well.

Diamonds are another of the currencies that you can earn in this game. To get diamonds for free, complete the various achievements in this game. Diamonds are the premium currency of the game, so the main way to earn diamonds is going to be to buy them, although there are a few ways to get them for free, such as the achievements.

Hit the fortune tailor if you want to get some new clothes. New clothes can range in rarity from one star to five stars. The higher rarity clothes appear far less often, but when you earn an entire set of them, you get a far greater reward. Completing a set will earn you a reward of diamonds, with a five-star set being worth over 10,000 diamonds.

Hit the loot machine too for some easy loot that can consist of either coins, clothing, or diamonds. You can win cookies here as well, which can be gifted back and forth between players just for fun.