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Monster Hotel – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Monster Hotel is a new hotel management game by Motion Twin for the iOS and Android. It looks a little bit like Fallout Shelter, but the gameplay is a lot simpler. Your goal is to put monsters in hotel rooms, match their neighbors by their likes and their types, and collect coins and gems. Read on for some tips and tricks for Monster Hotel!

You can tap each monster to see waht their type is, and what their likes and dislikes are. Another easy way to tell after you place them into their rooms is to look in the top left hand corner of the room, and their preference will be there. Their type will show up in a thought bubble over their head.

When you are building new rooms, try to keep them all in the same block as much as possible, so that there are more adjacent spaces to affect each monster. As you get inspectors and max out their happiness, you’ll unlock new rooms that have an effect on monsters, but the monsters don’t stay there overnight. For example, the bar can allow you to give beer to monsters to make them happy.

Each inspector typically has their own likes, but some of them do not. For the ones who don’t like any type of monster, make them happy by plying them with as much beer as possible. Also, place monsters next to them which automatically increase neighbor happiness, or happiness of the monsters on the same floor or column. Max out an inspector and you receive new rooms, another star for the hotel, and free gems.

Gems are the premium currency of the game. You can purchase them, but the main way to earn them for free is through the inspectors. VIPs also provide random rewards when you make them completely happy. Sometimes this can include free gems, while most of the time this will include gold.

Take them gems that you already have and use them for upgrades to permanently improve your performance. The cheapest one is the lobby queue upgrade, which allows you to line up one more monster. Others include various love upgrades, as well as VIP attraction upgrades. The bank upgrade will increase the gold bonus for everything that you do.

If you want to get rid of a room and place it elsewhere, all that you have to do is tap the “advanced” icon when you tap a room. Then the option will pop up to sell the room. If you sell it, you will get back most of what you spent on it, making it easy to buy another identical room and stick it in a better location.

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