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Peak Rider: Tips, Cheats, Strategies and High Score Guide

Peak Rider is a new snowboarding game for the iOS and Android platforms. You can ride endlessly or ride in stages with defined goals, and you can ride towards becoming the best snowboarder with the most tricks and points that there is. You can buy new characters as you go, too. Read on for some tips and tricks for Peak Rider!

You earn points based on distance (in most levels), as well as near misses and on the tricks that you do. When you do near-misses, you’ll fill the boost bar, which will allow you to hold down on the screen to crouch down and build speed. Build speed before going off of a jump and you will jump far higher than you otherwise would have.

The farther and higher your jump, the more points that you can earn off of tricks. You can either do one trick the whole time, or do a trick, then let go of the screen and then tap the screen and do another trick again. Generally, doing multiple short tricks earns you far more points than doing one long trick will. Just be sure to land the trick properly so that you can score all those points.

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When you have one goal, such as near-missing 25 trees, do it quickly by going to the 2500-point level instead of to the endless level. This is quicker because you won’t die every time that you crash, so you won’t have to deal with the burden of restarting. You will just be able to continue and keep near-missing everything that you can.

If you are experiencing lag with the game, then an easy way to deal with it is to go to the settings screen and change the settings. You can turn off the ultra graphics, which will make possibly the biggest difference. Turning off the background music or sound effects can also make a difference. If those don’t help then close other apps that you may have open. Or delete large memory sucks off of your phone.

The quickest way to earn experience is by completing the goal-oriented missions, not the endless missions. If you do get stuck doing endless missions to complete a level-up, though, then the score and distance will determine how many experience points you get. You’ll have to keep grinding and grinding until you level up because unlocking more missions can only be done by leveling up.