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Gravity Rider: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Gravity Rider is a new futuristic motocross game for the iOS and Android platform that places you onto tough, gorgeous 3D tracks to win races, do tricks, and beat the best times. You can do loads of upgrades to your bike, earn coins and gems, and get all kinds of prize boxes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Gravity Rider!

Your main move is to hold forward to accelerate, but you have a ton of other moves to do in order to keep on the track and get the best times, as well. Tilt the bike backwards and forwards to do flips, mainly, but tilting backward will also let you knock over objects and ride over them. Hit the back button to brake before you either knock over an object or hit an obstacle, such as spikes.

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You can watch ad videos to win almost anything in the game. In the store area, you can watch a video to win 20 gems, or you can watch a video to win coins for free. Plus, you can claim a free box at any time in the chest store by watching an ad video.

You’ll win chests by completing tracks successfully; the more stars you earn, the better the chest that you can win. When you’re in the middle of unlocking a chest, you can either wait for it to finish on its own, or you can watch ad videos in order to complete the chest immediately. Or, if you don’t want to watch the ad video but you want the chest right away, you can pay gems, as well.

Once you open a chest, you can double the rewards that you get from the chest with, you guessed it, another ad video. The same goes for whatever coin rewards that you can win on a track. Collect all of the coins that you can, because you’ll need them for other upgrades, as well.

You’ll be able to upgrade the engine for acceleration, the body for speed, the controls to improve your rotation, the suspension to make the bike more stable, and the wheels to improve your grip. You can either get new parts if you get enough cards for them, or you can upgrade your current part to improve the stats. Upgrading an existing part requires coins, but installing a new part requires no coin expenditure.