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Warpside: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Warpside is a unique new space shooter for the iOS and Android platforms where you control a ship with multiple guns, shields, and other special weapons. Your goal is to complete missions and defeat both the minor enemies and level bosses, earn Powerstones and Adamantium, and upgrade your ship to increase its power so that you can take on tougher modes, such as Survival and Extra. Read on for some tips and tricks for Warpside!

Each time that you kill a minor enemy in a level, you earn Powerstones for doing so. You can spend Powerstones on three unique upgrades (speed, shield, and firepower) within the level in order to continuously power yourself up. However, the Powerstones that you don’t spend will then be kept at the end of the level, so try not to spend all of them.

In between levels, head to the dock and upgrade your ship using the Powerstone. All of these upgrades are permanent and will carry over to every future level to play. You can upgrade the ship itself, as well as specific guns such as the Vulcan or the Railgun, and starting a bit later on in the game, you can unlock and upgrade new abilities for your ship.

Want to get more Powerstones instantly? When you’re in the dock, hit the video icon and an advertisement video will play. Once the video is done, you will earn a significant amount of Powerstones that you can then spend instantly on upgrading your ship permanently. It won’t add to the Powerstones that you can spend on guns for your ship slots at the beginning of each level, just to what you have in the Dock.

Keep upgrading your ship itself (as opposed to your guns) in order to unlock new stuff for your ship. When you hit level 5, for example, you’ll unlock the railgun. When you hit level 7, you’ll unlock the Battleship Ability upgrades. Keep upgrading to unlock more goodies for your ship.

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If you come up against a tough boss, experiment with what you upgrade in the middle of the level, because some upgrade will be more effective than others against certain types of bosses. Plus, you can use Powerstones to do a special attack, so save your special attack for the bosses in order to do a ton of damage instantly.