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Bullet Hell Monday – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Bullet Hell Monday is a new (as the title describes) old-school bullet hell space shooter for the iOS and Android platforms. Your ship flies through a world with abstract, geographical graphics and massive swarms of enemies firing a crazy amount of shots at you, and your goal is to avoid the shots, kill enemies and make it through stages, while upgrading your ship and weapons to keep up with tougher and tougher challenges. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bullet Hell Monday!

The controls take a little bit of getting used to at first, but there are multiple ways to modify them hidden within the settings menu. Turn up the sensitivity to make it so that the ship moves faster than your finger, which makes it really easy to maneuver quickly as well as to see your ship (so that it’s not hidden behind your finger).

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You earn AP for killing enemies, collecting items, beating levels, and especially for completing the various quests on each level. Even if you have already beaten a stage before, you can go back and finish the quests again, and still gain the same amount of AP for doing so. If you need to grind for AP, go back to the level that you gained the most at, and play it again and again.

Another way to earn some quick AP is to pick the video choice when you get a free gift, which happens randomly at the end of levels – around 1 out of every 10 levels or so. The option to get a gift with no video will earn you 40 AP, generally, and the other option will earn you 200 AP after you finish with an ad.

Once you unlock a new type of shot (such as the wide shot) you will have to go all the way back to the beginning with your upgrades. Go back to your original laser shot and replay the tough levels again so that you can get the most AP possible, and then apply it all to your wide shot (or other new type of shot, such as homing or shielding shot).

Two of the most expensive but most effective upgrades are, in the common area, the upgrade to your ships left and the upgrade to your number of bombs left. You can get up to five ships and five bombs but you have to spend a lot of AP for them. However, having these upgrades makes it much easier to stick around in a very difficult run, such as a final boss level.