Falcon Squad: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Falcon Squad is a new bullet-hell space shooter for the iOS and Android platforms with the retro aesthetic of an early 1990s PC game.

You can quest through level after level in this game, compete in endless and PvP modes and even in periodic tournaments, and more, all while unlocking new ships and enhancing both your current ships and your wing ships (the small side ships).

Read on for some tips and tricks for Falcon Squad!

Your goal is primarily to beat every level, and you can’t win if you get blown up, so the first thing to remember is that survival is key.

Even if you are trying to aim at an enemy, take your focus off of aiming your shot at the enemy, instead focusing on their shots, and on avoiding them. Enemy shots can’t harm your wingmen, but they can hurt you.

As you earn stars, go back and claim the star chests, of which there are three for each seven levels. They require 7, 14, and 21 stars, respectively.

All three of them will get you more coins, two of them will earn you more gems, and the 21-star chest will earn you more cards.

Cards are your key to unlocking and evolving new ships, so you want to collect as many cards as possible through not only the star chests, but through spending gems, earning daily rewards, and more.

Coins can be used to level up both your main ship and your wing. Leveling them up is a slow process, but it leads to an eventual increase in both the ship’s firepower and how many shots the ship can take before it blows up and dies.

Hit the extra mode and play the new game modes as soon as you can unlock them. The tournament mode is available right away and allows you to rank higher and higher in exchange for better prizes when each tournament ends.

The endless mode allows massive coin earnings, far higher than what the standard levels allow. The PvP mode allows you to play against other players and fight for dominance and prizes.

Make sure to head over to hard mode and replay levels to earn brand-new rewards, including more coins and new coin chests.

Hard mode is slightly tougher than normal mode, and most of the levels are the same with the exception of having more and tougher enemies.

Hell mode is an even harder version of hard mode, and the same thing applies except that enemy health is so high here that you may actually have to wait until you have more upgrades to go up against hell mode.

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