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Park EXP: How to get free stars and energy

Park EXP is a carnival building game for the iPhone, iPad and Android. Here’s how to get free stars and energy in the game.

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Stars, the premium currency, are required if you want to buy premium items or to speed up construction of an item. There are a few ways to get free stars. One of these ways is to complete various quests for free stars. Each quest that you do gives you some kind of reward, so click on the quest button (the scroll in the upper left hand corner) and see if one or more of these quests gives you free stars.

Another way to get free stars is to sign up forTapjoy, and then complete offers for free stars. To sign up for Tapjoy, look at your stars counter, and then hit the “+” sign next to your stars. A number of options to purchase free stars will apear, but next to them will also be an option that says “Free Stars”  Tap there and you will be prompted to sign up for Tapjoy, and once you do, you’ll be able to go to their webpage and look for certain free offers, such as installing other games.

There are multiple different ways to get free energy in this game. One of them is to gain experience levels. Each time that you gain an experience level, a significant chunk of your energy bar will be filled back up with bonus energy you earn. However, to earn much quicker free energy, do the following.

First, buy the Lucky and Bosco hamster wheels, and any more hamster wheels that you may unlock.Then, upgrade them as high as they can go (they can each be upgraded four times). Each one of them will give you free energy, and upgrades cause them to give you free energy much, much more quickly.

Now, to get the free energy in an instant, tap them to figure out how long it will take to collect from both of them. Then, set the time ahead on your device for that exact amount of time. Now go back to the game, and you will be able to collect from them. Don’t do it yet, though. Go back to your device settings and set the time back to normal. Now go to the game and collect from them. That’s a LOT of free energy for you.