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Rescue Reef for iPhone, iPad and Android: How to get free Shells

Rescue Reef is a game where you get to run your very own fish hospital and conservatory. The main currency of the game is coins, which can buy you most anything you need, but for the real good stuff, you need the premium currency, which are shells. Normally, you have to pay for shells on the App store, but it is very possible to get shells without having to pay any money for them. Here’s how to get more shells for free, without having to pay for them!

There are a few ways to get shells for free in this game. One of them is simply to gain experience levels. Each experience level that you gain will earn you one shell.

Another way to do so is to pop the bubbles that float up the screen. Most of the time, when you tap a bubble and pop it, you will earn one coin or one experience point. However, every three to five minutes or so (it varies, it’s randomized), a bubble will come up, and when you pop it, you’ll gain one shell. Doing this for awhile can very quickly cause the number of shells you earn to add up, and earn you unlimited free shells if you are patient enough.

A way to earn 20 free shells is to connect to Facebook. To do this, go to the “+” menu in the lower left corner of the game screen, and then click on the Facebook icon, and link up the game to your account. If you don’t want the game to post anything on your account, you can always go back to Facebook later and change the app settings so that only you can see its activity, or delete the notification that it posts.

Also, you can go to the “+” menu, go to the Social submenu, and then hit almost any of the buttons there, and you will be prompted to sign up for a SiGN account. Once you do, you will be awarded 5 free shells just for signing up.