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Guide to Park EXP: Tips, tricks, help, cheats and strategies

Park EXP is a carnival building game for the iPhone, iPad and Android by Lakoo that lets you build a fairground for animals to have loads of fun in. You can build all kinds of rides and stands, decorate your park, and expand it to fit even more, all the while attempting to increase your park rating, as well as the size and earning potential of your park. Read on for some tips and tricks for park EXP!

Many of the quests will involve you building multiple decorations in order to complete them – for example, 4 benches, 4 street lights, or 4 bushes. Even though all of these little decorations are small, they add up very quickly to take up valuable space in your park. If you need that space back, but are still waiting for expansions to complete or can’t yet afford an expansion, tap the decorations and sell them after you’re finished completing the quest that you were buying them for in the first place.

To stop yourself early on from running out of energy, immediately after you build the Lucky wheel in the tutorial (or at least, when you’re done with the tutorial and are able to do your own thing), start upgrading the Lucky wheel as rapidly as you possibly can. You can upgrade it as high as level 5, and each time you upgrade it, it will earn you more and more energy every time you collect from it. The earlier you update it, the faster you can advance farther in the game without running out of energy.

If you are getting sick of waiting for buildings to finish getting built, or especially for land expansions to complete, do the time cheat with whatever device you happen to be playing on. Figure out which action needs the most time to finish (for example, will your expansion take 4 hours to finish) Go to your phone or tablet’s settings and set the date and time ahead by that amount of time or more. Now, go back to the game, and that action, as well as every other time-sensitive action in the game that you were trying to do, will be entirely completed.