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Guide to My Sea Park for iPhone: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

My Sea Park is an iPhone and iPod Touch game that lets you run your own virtual equivalent of Sea World. You get to build all kinds of animal tanks and attractions, as well as other buildings that tourists can spend money at, such as hot dog stands and vending machines. As you go on in the game, you can even expand the size of your land in order to accommodate even more tourist attactions in your park. Read on for some tips and tricks for My Sea Park!

In this game it’s very easy to run out of coins, and often you will find yourself running out of coins at a surprisingly fast pace when you are following the tasks straight through. The easy workaround for this, though, is to spend a good amount of coins loading up your park with vending machines. Each vending machine only costs 500 coins to buy, and earns you 50 coins every 5 minutes, so build about 7-10 vending machines and you will have a constant source of coins to draw from, allowing you to work through the tasks much more quickly.

Use these to earn enough money to load your park up with balloon stalls. Each one of those costs only 2450 coins to buy, but earns you 1899 coins each time you collect from them (it takes three hours for each of them to be ready to collect from), so build about five of them or so, and each time you log in after 3 hours or more of not playing, you’ll have a source of massive coins to draw from to build everything you need to complete the quests.

The more of these attractions you have, the faster trash will accumulate, as well, so zoom out and start picking it in rapid succession for a quick source of coins and experience.