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Guide to Mighty Monsters for iPhone: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Mighty Monsters is a monster collecting RPG for the iOS devices, one that fans of games such as Pokemon, Digimon and Monster Galaxy should enjoy. You get to play in many different islands that you can venture through, beating other monster trainers and trying to capture as many monsters as possible, and monsters that are as strong as possible. You can even venture through areas that you have already beaten and face new challenges, meet new monsters and unlock new difficulty levels. Read on for some tips and tricks for Mighty Monsters!

The first time you go through an area (especially the forest, the first island in the game), don’t catch any monsters except for the two that you initially need in order to fill out your team of three. Once you start going through for the second or third time, start catching more monsters, because they will be at higher levels, with no need for you to train them in order to get them up to speed with your main team. Higher level monsters will also come with more moves already, meaning that you need to do less training (AKA buying moves).

Once you have a good chunk of backup monsters going, through, switch out monsters on a regular basis, especially when some monsters’ hit points drop too low to have them continue on effectively in battle, but not low enough to where it has dropped to zero. This gives them time to recover their hit points naturally, and saves you potions.

Go back through old stages after you beat them, and their treasure chests will return. Often the treasure chests can earn you gems when you open them, so if you need more gems and you don’t want to spend diamonds on them, go back through stages over and over, just to keep opening chests (the level grinding is a bonus, too)