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Guide to Monster Quest (iOS + Android) part 2: More tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the tips and tricks guide to Monster Quest for iOS and Android! Click here to go back to part 1 of the Monster Quest tips and tricks guide.

Use your current stage to determine which monster lairs you should buy when it comes time to increase the maximum number of monsters that you have in your party. For example, if you are in the Howling Cairn stage, you will come across a higher percentage of ice elemental monsters. Therefore, you should build an ice habitat in order to have more ice element monsters in your party.

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However, if your main strategy is to breed monsters (which it should be, because hybrid monsters are almost always stronger than monsters that you can catch), change this up a little bit by buying monster buildings which correspond with the monsters that you typically breed, that way you can unlock stronger versions of those monsters. In all cases, also make sure to purchase silos, so that you can hold ever larger amounts of monsters, and thus have the most attack and defense that you possibly can.

Save your expert and master capture discs for rare monsters, or monsters that have a lower chance of being caught with a regular capture disc. Don’t waste your expert capture discs on monsters that have at least a 50 percent chance of being caught by a regular capture disc. In these cases, the 75 coins spent on a regular capture disc are worth the expense as compared to using up an expert capture disc, which are hard to find or cost more gems in order to buy more of.

When you complete missions in any one of the locations that is listed on the world map, the game will automatically go through your monster list, and release the monster that is the most effective at completing the mission. Because of this, to complete missions faster, your best bet is to breed monsters together over and over to create ever more powerful hybrids, and then go and complete missions. The more powerful the monsters, the quicker that you can complete missions.

To make it easier for other trainers to add you, go to the comments section of your profile and post your trainer ID there (the nine digit number that you get when you play the game), so that other people can add you more easily. In addition, go to the profiles that other people set up, and post your trainer ID on the wall, so that not only can they add you, but other people can add you more easily as well.