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Guide to Haypi Monster for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Haypi Monster is the latest in a line of popular games named after the company who made them, Haypi Inc. Not to be confused with Happy Monster (which may or may not even be a real game), Haypi Monster is a variation on the old Pokémon theme of gameplay, allowing you to collect all manner of monsters, from common to rare and epic monsters, and battle them against other monsters, which you can then catch. Sound a bit like Monster Galaxy? Yeah, it’s kinda like that. Anyways, here’s some tips for Haypi Monster.

When you go to a new stage, the monsters that you face will generally all be of the same type – for example, on the Miracle Sea, they will all be water type monsters. Make these stages as easy as possible by going to your home, then to the monsters menu, then putting the monster with the type advantage in as your main monster.

Or even better, put in two different monsters with the same type advantage. Usually, the advantageous type will be the type that you caught in the previous stage. For example, in the Jungle, you can catch plant monsters, and then in the Miracle Sea, the plant monsters will be the strong ones.

Check out the Team Mode for the fastest way to gain experience points. You’ll gain far more experience points per battle than in other stages, despite the Team Mode generally being easier to beat due to the attack power of your monster and your teammate’s monster put together.

Use the Synthesis to merge monsters as often as possible, and place the rarest monsters that you have into your party, especially before you do the ladder tournament. Increase their experience by using the same monsters over and over and level grinding in the single player mode. Speed it up by hitting the “auto” button when you do.

Monday 8th of February 2021

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