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How to play Monster Quest for iOS + Android: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Monster Quest for the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and Android! In this game, you play as a monster trainer with a large amount of quests to complete. These quests include defeating monsters in various locales, but also, you can battle against other players. You can attack other players, and other players can attack you. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Monster Quest!

As you start out the game, there isn’t much of a story for you to wade through. Instead, you end up right in the action. There are a large number of areas for you to complete quests in. You start off with the Howling Cairn and the Lakeshore, but you unlock more of these locales as you gain levels. Each action that you complete earns you coins and experience points.

Each time that you complete a certain number of actions in one of these locales, you gain levels for that specific area. For example, if you complete 25 actions in the Lakeshore (an action can be killing a monster or destroying a building), then you gain a level in that specific area. The higher your level in a specific area, the more coins and experience that you will earn for completing a mission there.

Most of your missions involve killing a monster. To battle a monster, double-tap the monster and your avatar will appear, and one of your monsters will be sent out to do battle. The amount of turns it takes to kill a monster will depend on how powerful your monster is, as well as your own experience level. When your character’s experience level increases, you will be able to increase either your attack power, defense power, stamina, or the damage you do against monsters. The last one determines how quickly you can complete quests.

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