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Taco: Hamster Hero – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Taco: Hamster Hero is a new roguelike shooter RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. You play as Taco, a hamster superhero with a wide variety of weapons, costumes, and more. You can journey through the story mode, endless survival, raid bosses, and more, as you clear your house, earn coins, red gems, cash, nuts and bolts, and a whole host of other enhancements and new game modes.

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Continue reading for a collection of tips and cheats for Taco: Hamster Hero!

The main point of each round is to survive for a certain amount of time, and the surest way to survive is to avoid getting hit as much as possible. Every single attack that your hamster launches will be launched automatically except for the ultimate super move, but you can control every direction that he runs in, so be sure to run away from enemy fire.

You have different skills that you pick up as you gain levels throughout the round, both passive skills and active skills. In general, focus on the active skills that give you the biggest splash damage boosts, because the big crowds of enemies are the most dangerous thing that you will face, And are much more difficult than the bosses. For passive skills, you can have some creativity, but be sure to focus on improving your attack power.

There are tons of different boosts and improvements that you can use in order to upgrade your hamster. The main ones are boosting your attack, hit points, and gold bonus, which all can be upgraded to the next level simply by spending gold. Purchase these boosts every time you complete a battle, and when you come back from a long period offline, purchase these using your offline income.

As you gain experience levels you will unlock new costumes, which are uniforms that your hamster can equip, and which also change your primary weapon entirely. Each costume has completely different weapon characteristics, so be sure to test them all out to see what the best costume for your style is. As you earn comics to upgrade each costume, be sure to upgrade all of the skills, both the primary skill and the two secondary ones.

When you’re on the main screen, be sure to look around your house for animals and other creatures and things that are out of place. If you see animals and bugs and tap them, you will earn a little bit of cash, red gems, nuts and bolts, or other goodies.

Follow the pale blue dots when you want to look for other freebies to pick up and quest rewards to claim. there are tons of different rewards to claim and they can be very tough to keep track of, so chasing the blue dots makes it fairly simple. It might even seem a little bit overwhelming sometimes due to how many rewards there are, but once the stages get extremely hard, it will be worth it.