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Goal Hero: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Goal Hero is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms, an endless runner/goal shooter where your goal is to score as many as possible, go as far as possible, and to repeat the feat across all manner of landscapes, against all types of random teams. Read on for some tips and tricks for Goal Hero for the iOS and Android platforms!

In Goal Hero, the main mode of play is to get around the defenders so that you can shoot the ball into the net. Do a quick swipe just before the kick in order to throw off the keeper and kick the ball right past him, rather than right into him. If you kick the ball right into him you get no credit for a point. If you kick it past him and into the goal you get a point.

If you miss the goal, though, you can still keep running. The only things that will kill you are running into the goal or running into another player. Either one will cause your turn to be over, so make sure you move extremely quickly in order to avoid all of the pitfalls. Otherwise you will have to start back over.

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To continue from where you left off after you die, if you have at least one goal, all that you have to do is hit the continue button rather than the try again button. If you do hit the continue button then a video will pop up, and after you are done with it, the game will continue on from where you died before, rather than starting back over from the very beginning.

You can watch as many continue videos as you want before finally admitting defeat and starting the game back over. Theoretically, you can get an unlimited score by continually doing this, although if you only score one single goal, then it is a little bit pointless to watch a continue video. Retry instead.

If you want to get new team packs, you have to go to the in app purchase store and buy them. There is no form of currency built into the game, so you simply have to pay real life money if you want one of the uniform packs.