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Dragon Vita: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Dragon Vita is a new dragon-breeding game for the iOS platform. You get to buy and breed dragons, discover all of the new dragons that are out there, and build up an island that goes from small initially, to huge eventually. You can collect coins and rubies, as well as food and other goodies along the way. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dragon Vita!

The first thing to know if you don’t know what to do at any given point is to complete the quests. The quests will give you a starting point that will help you figure out what to do next, and completing them will help you build your island and increase the size and scope of your dragon collection. Go to the quests and tap on one, and it will automatically take you where you need to go in order to complete it.

You can always have a whole lot of habitats, usually one per experience level, so if you want to have a ton of them, make sure that you go heavy on the ones which will earn you the most coins for the money. Water habitats are a good example as they will earn you a max of 8,000 coins at a time between collections, as compared to 2,000 for fire and 4,000 for plant habitats, The more coins, the better the buildings you can buy and the more things that you can upgrade.

This includes upgrading the farms. Always have your farms maxed out so that you can grow as much food as possible, then use that food to level up your dragons and earn the most coins in the least amount of time. Upgrade small farms to bigger farms to get more food options that will earn you more food for less work.

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You can add friends two ways: Facebook and Game Center. If you want to add more friends than you know, then look in the comment section of this article in order to find more. Or, go to the App Store review page to find people who have posted their info, or to Facebook fan groups for the game. You will find plenty of people there.

Plan out your breeding before you even buy particular dragons. You will need to breed and buy male and female dragons in order to breed them together. If you go too heavy on one sex and not enough on the other sex, then you will need to get rid of a dragon by selling it, so that you can replace it with a different sex. Either that or you can simply build more habitats.