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Rumble Club – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Rumble Club is a new multiplayer fighting game for the iOS and Android Platforms. The goal is similar to Super Smash Brothers, Where are you trying to knock the other players off of the stage in order to defeat them and be the last one standing. You can upgrade gadget, earn new costumes, emotes, accessories, and more, with rarity levels ranging from common to rare to epic to legendary, and earn Gold coins and gems as well as unlock new game modes.

Keep reading for a collection of tips and cheats for Rumble Club!

Knocking other players off the side of the level is fairly simple. You punch them in order to drain their energy, and get them to the point of dizziness. The longer that you charge your punch for, the more damage that you can do, with a three star punch knocking enemies dizzy instantly. When an enemy is dizzy, you can then pick them up and throw them off of the stage.

One unique feature of the game is that if you are a streamer, you can connect to Twitch right from inside of the game itself. This makes it easier to record and broadcast your play, and makes it easier to interact with your viewers as well, as well as to promote your streams.

You don’t have to win a match in order to gain experience and trophies, but you will earn the most prizes the fastest if you win the match. In order to win the match, you have to be the last one standing, which will earn you the most trophies, and the most gold and the highest chance at gems. You can also earn an experience this way, which will allow you to level up and unlock new game modes.

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There are a number of gadgets that you can use in battle in order to gain an advantage, such as the donut, the punch tank, the magnet, the hamster ball, the boom box, the ice machine, The drone, the mailbox, and more. All of these are available in battle right away, But the boxes that you earned from completing matches will give you cards that you can use to upgrade their performance on your end.

Early on in the match, try to avoid getting hit, and try to look for easy targets and hit them. If you personally knock another player off the stage, you will get credit for it, but even if you knock out another player and somebody else throws them off the stage, you will still survive For longer, and surviving for awhile will allow you to eventually face off against a smaller number of players for the win.

All of the standard gadgets are permanent, but there is also a host of seasonal gadgets, which change depending on what season the game is in, or if any specific holiday is coming up. These can be used and upgraded in the same way as the standard gadget, but at a certain point in time, they will become unavailable.

Outfits can also be earned in a similar way, as can accessories, emotes, and more. No matter what raring you earn, all of these are purely cosmetic; the gameplay will be the same either way, and you won’t gain any performance advantage by equipping these.