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Rowdy Wrestling: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Rowdy Wrestling is a new wrestling game for the iOS and Android platforms where you have one-touch controls, and your goal is to throw the other guy (or guys) out of the ring. You can hit them, drop kick them, do flying kicks off of the ropes, and even use weapons such as folding chairs. You can earn coins and unlock new wrestlers as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rowdy Wrestling!

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Early on, the going will be tough and you’ll need as many coins as you can get. The fastest way to get more coins early on in the game is to go to tag rumble mode. Even if you get thrown out of the ring first, the round doesn’t end until your partner does, and when someone gets tossed, you get five coins no matter who is responsible. Plus, single rumbles have 6 wrestlers in the ring, while tag rumble has 8 fighters in the ring.

Other than that, there are two fast ways to earn coins. One is to watch the ad video offers for 50 coins apiece in the “Unlock Wrestler” tab. The other is to complete the quests. Each quest is worth 100 coins apiece, and then when you complete all three of them, you gain a level and get another coin bonus.

In the rumble modes, you have to play extremely carefully because it’s very easy to get launched out of the ring early. When you have less than full health, go off to the corner of the ring, especially up onto the ropes where you’ll be harder to hit. Just make sure that you don’t fall off by accident.

Wrestlers can’t be upgraded, so the only way to get more power and health is to get a new wrestler. The wrestler that you get is completely randomized, and power and health are the only two stats. Power refers to how much damage you do with each hit, while health refers to how long it takes to knock you down.

Throws are more effective when you are standing still. If you are moving toward your opponent, you might just throw them backwards but not out of the ring. Stand still, or even move to the other side of them and position yourself closer to the rope for an easy throw.