WWE Champions 2019: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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WWE Champions 2019 is a new iOS and Android puzzle RPG featuring the biggest stars of WWE wrestling, from The Rock to John Cana to Roman Reigns and The New Day, and more. Your goal is to manage and popularize your own federation, unlock every possible WWE superstar, and load up on coins and cash.

You can unlock more superstars with shards and summons, and you can play in everything from standard career battles to special event contests, and join a faction to team up with other players to consolidate your power.

Read on for some tips and cheats for WWE Champions!

Battles are simple enough, in that they are like other Match-3 games. You can match a minimum of three tiles, but if you match four or five, you do more damage to your opponent.

You’ll also be able to charge your skill meter by clearing specific-colored tiles. Your character has more than one super move, and the tile color depends on the character. Use it as soon as you charge it up to get that pin faster.

While you’re powering through your career, also be sure to complete missions and claim the daily rewards. They’ll reset every 24 hours, so you have a time crunch, but if you complete all of them, then you will earn a huge reward consisting of a significant amount of free cash.

Your most basic way to upgrade your characters is simply to level them up using coins. Pick a character to level up and you can either level them once or the maximum number of times for the amount of coins that you own.

Other deeper upgrades include skills, where you can use training points and skill shards to power up your skills. You can also head to your entourage and add trainers and coaches for an extra boost; plus, you’ll be able to see the exact stat numbers for every single applicable tile.

If you switch devices or play WWE Champions 2019 on your desktop computer, make sure to link your original account first via one of the given methods, such as Facebook. You’ll be able to come back to it by logging back in on the new device or the desktop device from the same info that you started the original account on.

Get shards to unlock your superstars. When you fill the shard bar, you can unlock them. If you get shards for a character that you already have, fill the shard bar and you will be able to increase their rarity. You can even turn one-star wrestlers into 4 or 5-star wrestlers this way.

Be aware of the wrestler class so that you can get the biggest advantage. John Scena is an aggressive showboat, for example, while Alexa Bliss is a chaotic acrobat.

Showboats, acrobats, powerhouses, technicians, and other types have various advantages and disadvantages. Some have higher defense, some have higher attack power, and some have faster move charges, for example.

Then you have your styles, such as chaotic and aggressive. Focus tends to try to heal more, while Chaotic tries to steal gems. Aggressive will create immobile gems, while defensive types Cana Lao tend to heal as well as take low damage and/or be able to absorb a lot of damage on their own.

Look out for the special events so that you can use them to get a ton of upgrades and levels. They change with time, but whenever a new event comes around, it presents a big opportunity for upgrades and for competition against other players.

Tap on any wrestler, any piece of equipment, or anything you’re missing and the game will tell you exactly where to get it. For example, head to the roster and pick a wrestler whose shards you don’t own. The game will tell you to get their loot.

For those wrestlers who are not in loot, wait for them to show up in loot; wrestlers rotate in and out regularly. Make a list of who you get, then keep an eye out for them.

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