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NFL Manager 2019: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategy Guide

NFL Manager 2019 is a new football-themed sports management game for the iOS and Android platforms. This game skips the actual playing of football, instead focusing on team management, earning of cash and coins, acquiring and improving players, increasing the power level of your team, and winning games against other players/team managers. Read on for some tips and tricks for NFL Manager 2019!

Coins are the premium currency in the game, and while the main given method to earning them is through in-app purchases, there are tons of ways to earn coins, including free coins. Go to the shop area and watch videos for coins, or complete offers on TapJoy – some of which are free, and some of which are paid offers, but often the paid offers are worth far more coins per real-life money spent than the actual in-app purchases are. You can even complete surveys in exchange for free coins, although those tend to be more time-consuming.

Load up on players for your team. Initially, you want to fill up your roster, even if the players are mediocre, so that you have backups and can spend cash to improve your players. You can’t improve a player unless you can pull them out of the active lineup though, and you can’t pull them from the active lineup unless you have a backup behind them. So if you need one backup, go for the cheapest player that you can afford until you have the cash for better players, or the coins for premium players.

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Don’t just manage the players. Manage the other employees, too, such as the head coach and the marketing director. A higher-level head coach allows you to upgrade more players at the same time and also allows each player to cap out at a higher experience level. A higher-level marketing director allows you to run more promotions at the same time.

Whenever you are about to log offline for an extended period of time, head to the Jobs area of the Franchise and run a long-term job. The short-term jobs aren’t worth much unless you either don’t need the players (as they have to be pulled out of the active roster) or you’re planning on spending 15 minutes doing other stuff, such as buying and selling in the auction house. An hours-long job, though, can be worth a huge amount of cash when you come back to the game.

Hit the league area and run as many tournament games as you can. Eventually, you’ll run out, at which point you can switch to the standard games and conserve your energy. The higher you rank in the league games, the better your rewards, and the higher-up the tournament level, the better your potential rewards. Games are typically based on player rankings – the team with the highest average player ranking is usually the one that wins the game.


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