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Rumble City: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Rumble City is a new level based strategy RPG by the makers of Just Cause. This game takes Shining Force-esque, or Final Fantasy Tactics-esque gameplay and sends you to level after level of battles in an old school biker bar motif. Your goal is to beat all of your rivals, while collecting cash and gold and using it to purchase new goodies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rumble City!

Cash and gold will buy you various power ups, such as fries or a shake, that will increase your health, or boosts to your defense and other stats. Always be sure to have a good sized stash. If you run out, go to older levels that you can beat easily, and beat them again to grind for cash. Do this for as long as you need to in order to build up a good chunk of cash, especially if you are going back and three-starring levels that you have previously one-starred or two-starred.

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Connect to Facebook if you have not yet done so already. You and friends can send pizzas back and forth, which heal your whole party. If you don’t have any friends who play, link it to a gaming-only secondary account and add people from the Rumble City Facebook page. Or look for Facebook add info in the comments section of this article or on the App Store and Google Play review pages.

Vary the placement of your characters based on what bad guys you’re fighting. If you lose with one placement, hit them with another placement. Or as you unlock more characters, swap characters in and out based on who has stronger attack, defense, and more range. Plus, of course, swap characters when one runs out of health or is low on health.

Don’t be overly aggressive with your initial movements. Keep your characters close together on the battlefield so that you can swarm your opponents. Have everyone concentrate on one opponent at a time, so that you can defeat them more quickly and neutralize their attacks.

Don’t go into the tougher battles without equipping such goodies as the helmet. Sometimes, a stat boost will be far more economical, despite the cost of the helmets or the cans of whoop. The higher your stats, the less health boosts you will need.