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Rumble Stars: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Rumble Stars is a wacky new MMORTS soccer game for the iOS and Android platforms. It’s similar to Clash Royale except instead of trying to destroy the other player’s towers, you’re trying to shoot the ball into the other player’s goal.

The first to three goals (or the one with the most goals within the time limit) is the winner. You can earn coins and gems, and build up a deck of eight wildly-diverse characters, each with their own strategic uses on the field.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Rumble Stars!

Before you start playing, go to the descriptions of every single one of your characters and read their description. Then go to the practice mode, if you want, and use them so you can see exactly what they do. That way, you’ll know the best order to use them in.

You have some defensive characters, some support characters, and some strikers. All three of these characters go hand in hand when it comes to winning matches, so balance them out in your deck.

As an example, a defensive character like Croco or Magnet will stop opponents from being able to shoot. A support character like Loyal Dog can grab the ball, play keep-away, and try to find someone to pass it to.

Finally, a striker like Striker Tiger or Sniper Wolf can make a great shot on goal. They can’t always get the ball the quickest, but a character like Loyal Dog can pass them the ball rapidly and make it easy to score goals.

Also, you’ll have one-use characters, such as Mr. Fire. To use him as an example, he explodes where he lands, so you can use him to scatter an enemy team or even to send the ball flying into the other goal on its own.

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You’ll start unlocking new characters almost as soon as you start opening chests, so start reading the descriptions of these characters, too. Plus, you’ll find a whole bunch of duplicate character cards, which can be used for upgrading.

When you have enough cards for one of your characters, and you have enough coins (it doesn’t take many), go to your lineup and upgrade them. The upgrade increases some or all of their stats, such as their damage, how long they are on the field, how hard they kick, explosion radius, speed, size, and more, depending on the character and what their specific stats are.

Hit the store area to spend some extra coins and gems on new characters. Gems can get you chests, while coins can get you single character cards. Buy a character if you don’t have them yet and they are hard to unlock, such as an expensive, super rare character. Or buy a card if you need one more until you can level them up.

As you earn more trophies, you’ll be able to unlock new fields, and with new fields come new characters, so as soon as you get a new field, check the store.

Win matches, too, so that you can get ball chests from the new field. Even if you lose trophies before you open the chest, the chest will still contain the new field’s rumblers when you open it.


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